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A 51 percent attack occurs if more than half the computing power or mining hash rate on a network is controlled by a single person or a small group of people.

What is Crypto 51% Attach?

A 51 percent attack occurs when a malicious actor or group gains control of more than half of the network’s total mining power and compromises the blockchain’s security.

Transactions can only be added and confirmed if the entire network agrees. It is possible for a bad actor to “form a majority” in this consensus mechanism and tamper with the order of transactions, prevent transactions from being confirmed, or double-spend if they control the majority of hashing or mining power.

For blockchains with less hashing power, the likelihood of a 51 percent attack is greater because it is easier for a malicious actor to acquire the necessary majority computing power. One can assume that a blockchain becomes more secure as more miners and resources are dedicated to its mining. Since it has the most hashing power, Bitcoin is considered the most secure blockchain in the world.

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