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A cryptocurrency issued by a specific sports team that allows its holders to participate in the governing activities and gain access to special rewards and discounts.

What is Crypto Fan Token?

A type of cryptocurrency known as a “fan token” grants its bearer membership privileges at a football club. It can include discounts, prizes, voting rights on kit designs and club decisions, and participation in unique sports team experiences.

The use of fan tokens by sports teams allows fans to gain access to VIP perks like player meet-and-greets and premium box seats at games. There are unique prizes and voting power for your favorite team that come with having a large number of fan tokens.

Having a stake in fan tokens through a mobile voting platform allows users to participate in fan-led decisions while also providing access to a select group of fellow fans who share similar interests and viewpoints. Because of their increased influence and voting power, fans who accumulate the most tokens and cast the most votes rise through the reward levels until they are granted full access to the most coveted VIP benefits.

For example, when one of the greatest football players in the world, Lionel Messi, transferred from Spanish club Barcelona to French club PSG, the PSG token saw a price increase of 300 percent or more in a matter of days. After the transfer was completed, the price of the PSG token fell, but a few days later, it jumped back up. For the first time, the price of a fan token is clearly linked to “major” club activity. The value of a fan token can easily rise or fall in the wake of a major sporting event, a key player departure, or any other significant development.

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