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Block 0 or Block 1 is the first block of data that is processed and validated in order to form a new blockchain.

What is Genesis Block?

The Genesis Block is the first block in a blockchain, and it is usually hardcoded into the actual application software.

Blockchains consist of a chain of “blocks” (each containing a verified transaction and its associated log of activity).

Each block of a cryptoasset contains a reference to the previous one, and its value/legitimacy is derived from the previous one. As a result, the term “genesis block” refers to the first block (also known as “Block 0” or “Block 1) of a new blockchain, to which all subsequent blocks are linked.

One of the most notable characteristics of the blockchain’s genesis blocks is the lack of a preceding block reference, and the fact that the first mining rewards it unlocks are almost always unusable.

Because they form the basis of a blockchain, genesis blocks have a special significance and often contain interesting stories or hidden meanings.

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