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On Tuesday, venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz released its inaugural “State of Crypto” report. One of the many intriguing presentations is one that compares the earnings of Web2 and Web3 producers.

Spotify musicians earn the most money out of all the Web2 sites studied, with each earning US $636. NFT artists, on the other hand, earned an average of $174,000 each. That is the distinction between developing on a blockchain and developing on a corporate platform.

Nomura, a Japanese bank, is trading cryptocurrency options.

According to CoinDesk, the Japanese institution has traded Bitcoin options and futures for the first time.

El Salvador has brought together 44 countries to talk about Bitcoin adoption.

According to The Block, the country’s president stated that 44 central banks and financial officials will examine the merits of using Bitcoin as legal cash, among other things.

Ethereum’s Merge could happen in August.

According to Decrypt, the protocol’s main shift to a ‘proof of stake’ approach for authenticating transactions, which would eliminate energy-intensive mining, may happen as soon as August.

a16z announces a $600 million gaming fund

According to Decrypt, the well-known venture capital firm has set aside $600 million for a gaming fund with a focus on blockchain-based games.

The G-7 ministers have called for swift crypto regulation.

In the wake of crypto’s market volatility, the finance ministers of the G-7, a group of the world’s most industrialized economies, have asked for faster global rulemaking, according to Reuters.

The value of gaming and metaverse tokens has risen dramatically.

As the repercussions from the UST implosion subsided, tokens for the metaverse and gaming-related projects like GALA, MANA, and GMT witnessed gains of up to 39 percent last Friday, according to Decrypt.

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