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While Alexa Routines can be intimidating at first, they don’t require a lot of smart home knowledge to get started. Amazon has included a number of shortcuts that allow both technophiles and technophobes to profit from Alexa-based home automation without having to go through a lengthy learning curve.

What Are the Benefits of Alexa Routines?

Alexa Routines allow you to create customized, tailored replies so that Alexa understands precisely what to do to brighten your day, provide you with the information you need at the appropriate time, or complete your mundane jobs.

Alexa Routines change the artificial intelligence within an Amazon Echo smart speaker so that it becomes your voice assistant instead of Amazon’s.

1. Make use of an Alexa Routine Template.

To begin, make sure you have the Amazon Alexa app on your iOS or Android device.

The simplest way to get started with Alexa Routines is to select one from the Alexa app that Amazon has already created for you. To select an Alexa Routine from the list of templates, open the Alexa app and hit the More button in the lower right corner, then Routines. Finally, tap the center of the three horizontal options labeled Featured at the top of the screen.

Select the routine you want to use. Alexa will provide you with interesting and useful information related to your day.

You have complete control over everything you see, including the fields that have already been filled up. For example, this one is labeled “Start my day” in the Name field, but you can change it to “Good Morning” or anything else totally by tapping Change and typing it in.

The trigger for this routine is the phrase “Alexa, start my day,” which in this case is the phrase “Alexa, start my day.” You can assign up to seven trigger phrases instead of just one. Because you might not always utilize the same phrase, it’s a good idea to come up with alternatives and incorporate them.

Setting up Alexa Triggers

The heart of an Alexa Routine is the set of activities Alexa will take once the routine has been initiated. There are four actions in this template:

  • Tell you something new: Alexa will provide you with a random fact.
  • Alexa will give you the weather forecast for the day.
  • Alexa will communicate the traffic report for your journey to work, school, and other destinations.
  • Alexa will play the day’s headlines from your preferred providers from your Flash Briefing.

You may, of course, add as many more actions as you want by tapping Add action (or the + sign to the right). The following are some excellent options for the Good Morning routine:

  • Say a random Good Morning phrase: Good Morning > Alexa Says > Phrases > Plus Say something random.
  • Play Good News: Alexa will update you on recent good news.
  • Open a Skill, such as This Day in Historical, and Alexa will give you a history lesson from that day in history. The skill must first be enabled.
  • Alexa will play music and podcasts from your chosen provider.

When you initiate this routine, you’ll choose which Echo speaker to answer from the last item on the page, labeled From. Most of the time, you’ll want it set to The device you talk to, but there are times when you’ll want a specific Echo device to play the routine you’re installing—for example, if you always get ready for the day in the bathroom, you might want this routine to play on a speaker there.

Finally, press Enable in the upper right corner to complete the setting process. Just give Alexa a minute or so to update your speakers before trying out the new routine.

2. Make use of a shared Alexa Routine

If you’ve got family or friends who use Alexa, you’re in luck—and the geekier they are, the better. You can ask other Alexa households to share their favorite routines with you, then easily customize their pre-made routines to make them your own, much like in the previous example.

To share a routine, have the person sharing it open the Alexa app and navigate to one of their routines, then tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner, then tap Share Routine. Next, a screen will caution that the person receiving the link to this routine will be able to see details of their account, which sounds scarier than it really is.

Specific devices, such as the “Living Room Lamp,” appear on the receiver’s app as “smart light,” sensors, such as the “Hallway Motion Sensor,” appear as “motion sensor,” and so on.

Trigger phrases and bespoke Alexa responses are the only pieces of information that are provided. Private information such as the particular names of the devices involved in the routine, as well as any network IDs or passwords, will not be shared.

To get past the danger screen, the person sharing the routine should tap Continue. That will take them to their phone’s share screen, where they may share it just like any other link: in a text message, an email, or by copying the link and pasting it somewhere else.

Open the link on a device that has the Alexa app installed, such as your phone, once you’ve received it. You’ll see a screen that says you’ve gotten an Alexa Routine; hit View Routine to open it.

Fields that need to be updated will be highlighted in brown; tap them to choose which of your devices to use. Tap Save in the upper-right corner when you’re through altering everything.

Always wait at least a minute before putting your new regimen to the test.

3. Clone an Alexa routine that already exists

After you’ve created a routine, you might wish to use more than one trigger to start it. Let’s say you set a routine to turn on the lights in your living room when a motion detector in the hall detects movement. However, you’d like to be able to use your voice to turn on the lights in your living room. These steps will assist you in doing so.

Open the routine you wish to duplicate, then, as in the previous example, tap the three vertical dots menu, then Copy Actions to New Routine. A new routine will appear, but the fields for Name and When this happens will be blank. Fill in the blanks, then tap Save in the top right corner to finish.

Make Your Echo Experience Even Better with Alexa Routines

If you’re wondering what all the excitement is about Alexa Routines, look in the mirror. Of course, not literally. Alexa Routines, on the other hand, are all about you.

Routines allows you to tap into the virtual assistant’s ability and improve your daily life.

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