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Google Drive has evolved into a useful tool in our everyday lives. Whether you have the basic storage or a Google One subscription, you almost certainly have some things stored on the platform.

And if you use it on a computer, it will make organizing your data a lot easier. Finally, you’ll be able to move files around on Google Drive using keyboard shortcuts.

The option to use keyboard shortcuts in Google Drive has begun to roll out to users, as announced on the official site: Google Workspace blog.

Google Drive new Keyboard Shortcuts

The shortcuts are the same as the ones you’re used to on your Windows system, Linux or Mac. This means you can copy, cut, and paste files using Ctrl+C, Ctrl+X, and Ctrl+V, respectively. Within Google Drive, you may copy and paste files between folders. Copying a file also copies its URL and title, allowing you to put it into a Google Docs document or an email.

You can create shortcuts inside Drive by pressing Ctrl+C and Ctrl+Shift+V to add a shortcut to a file in another location without duplicating the file and taking up more space than necessary. There’s also a Ctrl+Enter shortcut that opens the selected file in a new tab in your browser.

They’re quite cool, and they can make it easier to transfer and manage your files, especially if you’re used to using shortcuts to navigate through files on your PC. Go to the Google Drive online client to see what they’re all about. However, it may take three days for it to appear for everyone.

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