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The Bionic Reading allows users to customize the quantity of bolded letters in a text, as well as the frequency and opacity of the bolded characters.

By bolding the first few letters of words, the eye is drawn to them only, allowing the brain to swiftly fill in the rest of the word.

What is Bionic Reading?

Bionic Reading is a revolutionary way of guiding the eyes through text using artificial fixation spots to make reading easier. As a result, the reader’s attention is drawn solely to the highlighted starting letters, leaving the word to be completed by the brain center.

Bionic Reading attempts to foster greater in-depth reading and understanding of textual content in a digital environment dominated by shallow kinds of reading.

Bionic Reading on Wikipedia

You can apply the Bionic Reading method to webpages in your browser by inputting the URL, or you can convert files from your PC by dragging and dropping them into the converter.

Using a custom Chrome Extension is another method to attempt Bionic Reading.

How to install Bionic Reading Chrome Extension

Navigate to GitHub Repository:

  1. Click on “Code” button > “Download ZIP”.
  2. Open the file location (e.g. Download).
  3. Right click the ZIP file > Extract All > OK
  4. Open Chrome > go to this link chrome://extensions/
  5. Enable “Developer mode”.
  6. Click “Load unpacked” and then choose the extracted folder.
  7. To pin the extension, click the puzzle icon on the top right of Chrome, then pin the extension.

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