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Even while the majority of free email services are sufficient for everyday use, if you want further assurance that the communications you send and receive are secure, take a look at the email services listed below. Your emails are kept secure, encrypted, and private thanks to these services.

Secure Email Providers

We have begun testing the most secure email service providers. To find out more about each email service provider, read the reviews provided below.

NameJurisdictionEncryptionOpen SourceOnion SitePricingCustom DomainAliasesExternal AccessSecurity AuditedAccepts CryptoMobile AppRequired InfoActive Development
ProtonMailSwitzerlandPGPYesYes500MB, 1 address, no custom domain; free plan. Paid plans start at €5, and they provide access to extra features, a personalized domain, and more message volume.Yes (Plus Plan, €5.00/m)Yes (Professional Plan, €8.00)Yes, but through BridgeYes (2021, by Securitum)Yes (BTC only)Yes (Android and iOS)Email for One-time VerificationYes
TutanotaGermany (14 Eyes)Hybrid AES + RSAClient Apps OnlyNo1GB, 1 address, no custom domain; free plan. A custom domain, five alias addresses, and enhanced search and filtering are features available with paid plans, which start at €1 per month.Yes (Premium Plan, €1.00/m)Yes (€1 / month per 20 aliases) No catch-allNoApparently, but not publishedNo (But ProxyStore gift cards acceptedYes (Android and iOS)NoneYes
CriptextDecentralizedSignal ProtocolOnly frontendN/A (No webmail)Emails, 25 MB of attachment space per email (per account), no custom domain. A custom domain, 50 MB attachments, email analytics, read receipts, aliases, and a catch-all email are all included in the $15/month business plan.Yes (Business plan, $15/m)Yes (Business plan, $15/m)NoNoNoYes (Android, iOS and desktop)NoneNo
MailfenceBelgium (14 Eyes)PGPNoNo500MB, 1 address, no custom domain; free plan. Plans with a custom domain, 10 aliases, mail client access, and greater message capacity are available for a monthly fee of €2.50.Yes (Entry Plan, €2.50/m)Yes (Entry Plan, €2.50/m)Entry Plan (IMAP, POP3, SMTP)NoYes (BTC and LTC)No (PWA Only)Recovery Email OnlyUnknown
Mailbox.orgGermany (14 Eyes)PGPNoNoBeginning at €1 per month. for all features and storage, goes up to €9. There is no free plan.Yes (Standard Plan, €3.00/m)Yes 25 aliases (Standard Plan).Yes (IMAP, POP3)NoNoNoRequires full name, location, mobile number and recovery emailUnknown
SoverinNetherlands (9 Eyes)PGPNoNoFixed fee of €3.25 / month for everything.Yes (Paid Plan, €3.25)Yes (Paid Plan, €3.25)Yes (IMAP)NoNoNoRequires phone numberUnknown
PosteoGermany (14 Eyes)PGPYesNoPricing is €1 / month, no free plan.NoYes (€0.10/m per alias) No catch-allYes (IMAP, POP3)NoNo (Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Cash)NoPayment Info OnlyPartial
RunboxNorway (14 Eyes)PGPClient Apps OnlyNoNo free plan, price ranges from €14.95 for a single 
domain to €69.95 for additional storage and domains.
Yes (Micro Plan, €1.25/m)Yes €3.95 / year per 5 aliases No catch-allYes (IMAP, POP, SMTP)NoYes (BTC only)NoFull name, recovery emailYes
Kolab NowSwitzerlandPGPYesNoStarting at CHF 5.00 per month, only basic features. Account for groupware is CHF 9.90. No free plan.Yes (Group Plan, CHF 9.90/m)Yes (Group Plan Only, CHF 9.90/ m)Yes (IMAP, POP, SMTP)NoNo (Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer)NoFull name, recovery emailNo
CounterMailSweden (14 Eyes)PGPNoNoPricing is $4.83 / month. No free plan.Yes (Paid Plan + $15 setup fee)Yes Max 10 text aliases No catch-allYes (IMAP)NoYes (BTC only)NoNoneYes
StartMailNetherlands (9 Eyes)PGPNoNoBegins at $5 per month, but without support for custom domains. No free plan.Yes (Domain Plan, $5.85)Yes Unlimited aliases No catch-allYes (IMAP, SMTP)Apparently, but not publishedYes (BTC only, but only personal accounts)No (PWA Only)Full name, recovery emailYes
DisrootNetherlands (9 Eyes)PGP (Off-by-default)NoNoFree with a predetermined fee for each extra feature.Yes (Donation required)NoYes (IMAP, POP, SMTP)NoYes (BTC, XMR and FAIR)No (Mobile app, but no mail)Email for One-time VerificationYes
HushmailCanada (5 Eyes)PGPNoNoPrice ranges from $5.99 per month to $7.99 per month for email support. No Free Plan.Yes (Business Plan, $5.99/m)Yes (Small Business Plan, $5.99/m)Yes (POP, SMTP)NoNoNo, but plannedFull name, recovery emailUnknown
LavaBitUnited States (5 Eyes)DIMENoNoFree plan, but just for invitees. Depending on the amount of storage needed, prices range from $30 to $60 per year.NoNoNoNoNoNoFull name, recovery emailUnknown

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