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Alexa Routines Installation

Alexa Routines Installation in 3 Easy Steps

While Alexa Routines can be intimidating at first, they don't require a lot of smart home knowledge to get started. Amazon has included a number of shortcuts that allow both technophiles and technophobes to profit from Alexa-based home automation without having to go through a lengthy learning curve. What Are the Benefits of Alexa Routines? Alexa Routines allow you to create customized, tailored replies so that Alexa understands precisely…
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How link bait works

What Exactly Is Link Bait? 4 Examples

One of the numerous reasons why link development is difficult is because in order to rank, pages require links. However, not all pages will receive them. There is one style of page you can make that will naturally get more links than others. We term them "link bait" in the SEO field. Understanding why and how link bait works will assist you in creating more “link magnets”…
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